FRP Beam Repair

Carbon FRP Can Revolutionize the Way Beams are Repaired, Retrofitted and Strengthened

A novel approach presented by Professor Mo Ehsani that uses carbon or glass FRP to repair and strengthen beams leads to significant construction savings in time and materials. Pioneered by Prof. Ehsani since the 1980s, Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) products are applied like wallpaper, reaching three times the strength of steel in 24 hours! Bridges often require repair and/or strengthening. Repairs may be necessitated by corrosion of reinforcing steel and general deterioration of materials. Design and construction with conventional materials lead to expensive and time-consuming solutions.

Design/construction errors, excessive deflection, and loss of reinforcement due to corrosion often demand strengthening of floor systems. Strengthening of beams is often required to due to structural modifications. QuakeWrap fabrics and plates bonded to the tension face of concrete beams or slabs increase flexural strength and reduce deflection under service loads. Shear strengthening of beams can be achieved by orienting fibers in QuakeWrap fabrics parallel to the stirrups.


Steel beams are often weakened as a result of corrosion that reduces the cross section. QuakeWrap carbon plates offer an ideal solution for strengthening steel beams. Several steel/concrete composite girders have been tested at the University of Arizona. QuakeWrap increases flexural strength for both positive and negative moment regions. It also increases stiffness in both elastic and plastic response.